Haylee reid - Art 1 exam 

This image to me shows movement even though it true isn't moving the image gives that affect that it is moving.
This image shows radial balance to me really well because its centered and is equally balanced on each side if you were to split this image in half.
The old pine tree is a great example of organic shape because it shows trees but not as we would see them in life today but almost as a drawing.
This image shows repetition really well because its the same shape being used over and over again almost in a pattern.
This image to me shows more secondary colors then intermediate to me because the colors look a cross between blues purples and yellows.
I think this image is a good example of variety because there are many different colors and a variety of flowers.
This image shows intermediate colors because there is little to no blending and all the colors used are intermediate colors.
This image i think shows more along the lines of geometric shape, because of its strange shape usage and you dont see some of these shapes every day.
This image shows space because there is all this emptiness and wide open area of nothing but space.
this is a good example of pattern because not only is there one repeating pattern but there is 2 one in the upper part of the picture but one in the lower half of the picture.
i believe that this image shows emphasis because the mans clothing it more soft and less detailed but when you look at his face its rough and more detailed.
Symmetrical balance i believe is shown more in this image because you could divide this image in half and it would look alike or almost alike.
this image is a good example of actual texture because this image shows the plant is kind of rough and fuzzy which it is in real life.
This image shows good unity because its at one peaceful and is just good artwork to describe unity.
This image is a good example of implied line because almost everyone is look at the women in the center and when u look at them it steers your eyes to her.
this is a good example of contrast because there are so many different colors contrasting each other.
This is a good example of implied texture because it looks as if it is rough and bumpy.
this is a good example of scale because it is a actual scale and shows balance?.
this image shows value because of so much detail and textures make the value of the image better??
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