Jakob Derner - The passion of Dürer

The focus will be set during the period of the High Renaissance and the work of Albrecht Dürer. The attention to detail of form and figure creates a realism that draws the viewer in and conveys the meaning of sacrifice and martyrdom through engravings on paper.

This scene is the depiction of Judas betraying Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of silver. Here, all characters are proportioned in such a manner that is creates great depth; from front to back.
Here we see the flagellation and torture of Jesus Christ. Symmetry is the Principle I saw in this work. Christ's oppressors, their arms directly reflect each other opposite either side of the pillar
After the Flagellation Christ is bestowed a crown of thorns. Dürer uses line work combined with values to give create detail. The muscle tone and form are very defined on the body of Christ.
Christ after flagellation and receiving the thorn crown and holding the weapons of torture. . Jesus holds a holy radiance above his head; which is emphasized with a three point negative space.
In this image, Christ is carrying the cross to crucifixion . Dürer uses negative space to give clothing depth and definition. Also the proportion of the cross to Christ enhances the burden of sin.
After bearing the cross, Christ is then nailed to the cross. Here again, Dürer uses proportion to create length and depth to the crowd watching the nailing process. Also, the line create direction.
This is the scene after Christ is nailed to the cross and is erected vertically.Emphasis is placed on Christ dead center of the picture. He is raised above the crowd drawing attention upwards to him.
Here, Christ has been removed from the cross. the nails have been stripped and the crown removed. Christ sits as the focal point again in this picture. The others gazes are shifted downward to him.
Christ in Limbo, Aged adam and Eve in the background with Moses. Christ carrying the Holy Trinity around his head in Negative Space. Using bold thin lines to contrast the space.
Finally the return of Christ after death. Again, adoring the holy Trinity. His importance and status emphasized by his position above the crowd. Values are used to give depth between Christ and others
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