Renaissance Art 

Here are a couple of paintings and sculptures from well known artist from the time period know as Renaissance art from the Renaissance Movement which started in Italy around 1400. Renaissance art is the painting and sculpture from a European history know as the Renaissance which push the boundaries of philosophy, literature, music, and science. Renaissance art marks the transition to early modern age art from medieval times.

This painting was done by da Vinci and its considered to be da Vinci's first major work with the help of Verroocchio's workshop and it fits the theme because of its popularity in Renaissance times.
Another portrait done by da Vinci himself and within the painting are many symbols done by da Vinci to represent many different different unique meanings which was the exact reason of the Renaissance.
A painting done by Titian about Bacchus, the god of wine, falling in love with a woman named Ariadne at first sight. The painting helps contribute towards the Renaissance.
Sometimes called The Holy Family, one of the surviving finished paintings done by Michelangelo in the form of a tondo, or round frame, which is associated with the Renaissance.
A sculpture done by Michelangelo an highly recognized Renaissance artist. The sculpture is located in the church of San Pierto in Rome.
A christian art piece that was widely popular during the Renaissance in Italy during the 13th to 15th centuries.
An oil painting done by Titian of the goddess Venus laying on a couch of some sort surrounded by Renaissance related things.
Another painting done by the Renaissance artist Titian which is consider to be one of his greatest pieces of work. The painting is the moment in which the goddess Diana meets Actaeon.
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