"Every age projects its own images into its art." The Baroque period (c.1600-1750).The Baroque period followed the Renaissance and while most things changed some techniques were preserved and are used throughout the Baroque period. The Baroque period was a time characterized by ornamentation, curved rather than straight lines, dark vs. light colors, animation, and overlapping objects. The artists Peter Paul Rubens and Gian Lorenzo Bernini had great contributions to the Baroque period. Their artwork continues to influence the world. 

In this sculpture Bernini captures extreme detail and great line work. He uses both curved and straight lines and ornamentation on the man's jacket giving extra detail.
In this sculpture it is clearly depicted the religious values and use of both straight and curved lines. Also the excellent detail and ornamentation.
In this sculpture by Bernini, he again depicts a religious figure in his work. He also shows impressive line and texture work throughout the sculpture. He makes Christ's face look as if it has the texture of an actual face.
Bernini captures King Louis XIV in this bust. Louis hired Bernini to travel to France to sculpt this piece. Bernini shows the use of more curved lines in this sculpture as well as some straight. He also shows ornamentation on Louis's shirt in great detail.
Rubens captures the awful killing of St.Sebastian in this painting. There is tremendous detail throughout as well as the use of mostly curved lines rather than straight. Rubens also depicts a religious figure showing the importance of religion in the Baroque period.
In this painting by Rubens it shows a bear attacking a horsemen after apparently injuring the two hunting dogs. In this painting Rubens shows the concept of overlapping objects and no set background as well as the use of curved lines and hardly any straight. Throughout the painting you will observe great detail in almost every inch of the painting.
In this self portrait of Rubens. He shows the use of darker than dark colors and lighter than light colors. His clothing is extremely dark compared to the rest of the portrait. The portrait was also a more used option in the Baroque period.
Rubens again depicts the darker than dark and lighter than light technique in this painting. The whole Painting is really dark except for the woman's and children's face. their faces are illuminated by the fire from the coal. Even though the painting is really dark Rubens still managed to get in excellent details.
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