Pi Palooza

I, Stephanie Gregory, welcome to my first gallery! Full of pieces that I like and think are interesting and fun. I hope you like them!

I really liked this piece at first because I noticed it was mixed in with a graffiti collection. The girl was painted in such an interesting way, with such a contrast in colors. She looks so sad. Then I noticed the writing’s translation (underneath the Spanish to the right of the girl), which I really like. I’m curious as to what she’s using as a puppet and how what’s in her hands relates to the writing.
This picture initially attracted me because at first glance I thought it was someone burning. Even after I realized that it wasn’t, I was still intrigued because I have yet to figure out what it is supposed to be. It looks like an outline of someone holding up a cross and a noose to me. And what makes it more mysterious is there’s nothing in the details about the photograph and what it was or what it was about.
Dogs and bears are my favorite animals, so naturally this caught my eye. The dog looks as though it’s either crouching to hunt, or to cower in the presence of someone. Since its thought to frame the entrance to the sanctuary of Artemis, I was thinking maybe it was bowing or scared of Artemis. The dog looks hungry and scared, but maybe that’s just me!
The girl in the painting is really pretty, which is what drew me to it. However, the story behind the painting that you read in the details is really the reason I like it. She traveled to dance all over Europe, was called some nasty things for her long list of lovers, toured around the world and then died to what was probably syphilis. Her story was just very interesting to me and fun to read.
At first I thought that this piece was just a tree stump but to my surprise it was actually an army general! He happened to be very accomplished. I find it interesting that only his head seems to have any detail. His face looks angry and then the body looks as though it’s dancing, but maybe that’s just supposed to be a breeze.
I like this piece because his face paint is so unique! He has such kind eyes, and just from the painting I feel like in real life he would have been very approachable. Also, upon closer look I noticed that his staff had an eye on it, so I am curious as to the significance of that.
I like this painting because it seems very classic. I feel as though it looks like every other painting that has those cute babies in them, but that’s probably due to my lack of knowledge concerning the paintings. The only thing I noticed was that the cherub in the sky has shot the woman in the middle, but something was guarding her. There also seems to be a conflict. I wish I could figure out what was going on in the painting.
I chose this picture because I love the architecture of the building. It has a way of looking so modern, yet so traditional all at once. It seems massive and unique, even though there is not a lot to it. All in all, I just love the feel of the room.
Upon trying to figure out what I was looking at, I discovered what the vase painting was about. Although you can’t really see what’s going on, it’s about a baby boy whose mother died during childbirth. The women in the picture pass along the recently orphaned boy to be wrapped up in a coat. This is just so sad to me, and not at all what I was expecting out of the piece. Even though it’s sad, I really like the story, and the broken piece that tells it.
The reason I like this piece is because there is so much to it! Not only is it unique because it is composed of little figures, there’s also a lot going on. There food being prepared, a man up in a tree, a speaker, and people holding their tax certificates in the air. It seems as if it was a very important event in history, and I love that it’s so colorful and has cute little figures everywhere!
Credits: All media
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