Graffiti in paris

This exhibit consists of photos taken of graffiti done throughout Paris. I have chosen these works because I believe they show how beautiful graffiti can be.

This work shows the word "ART" painted as different mechanisms with bright moving parts and sounds. This work also shows the artists signature style which includes the little orange men painted throughout.
This work shows a man's face done to give it an urban tribal look. Even though the main portion of the face is done in grays, the painting still includes vibrant colors such as blue, green, and magenta. This piece is actually done on a billboard that the city specifically left alone for painting.
This painting is titled "Yellow Moustache, Purple Man" but the title does not tell you everything going on in this painting. This painting shows tribal designs on the shoulders and face of the man in very bright colors. This painting is not as nearly as simple as the title makes it seem.
This work is a simple cat standing over a bush. This cat is very impressive because it looks so realistic even though it is done on a pillar.
This painting is done on a very large billboard in Paris. It shows a lady looking down towards the ground where people would be to look at this painting. There are also blue, yellow, and magenta boxes throughout almost like graphics on a computer.
This work is done outside on the wall of a restaurant. It shows a green and white man on the phone saying "OKAY MOM, I WILL". The man also has red hair on his chin and hand which has a smaller red face on it.
This is a beautiful stencil done of a woman looking off into the distance. She is done in mainly blues and black, but shows very realistic facial features.
This is a stencil of a young man with wings sitting on a wall. Maybe this painting is of the young man as an angel looking out for someone. No matter how you interpret the young man with wings, it is still a beautiful work.
Credits: All media
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