Common Objects' Illustrations of Typical American Life 

For this art gallery, I wanted to examine a topic that I was a part of. I chose to look at the symbolism that everyday objects and situations convey about the experience of living in and growing up in a "typical" American fashion. Each of the works from this gallery are unique, but offer a peek at a part of the American lifestyle. There are objects like toy trucks, beds, automobiles, furniture, movie advertisements, swim trunks, hats, and clothing. Everyone in America has experience with some of these objects and the ideas or situations that they come with. There is art by famous artists like Van Gogh, but there are also photos about different cultural mainstays. Overall, this gallery provides a diverse and well-rounded look at American life through simple objects and everyday experiences. American life is a major element of Western Civilization, and these art works show that as well. 

This image is something that most American children can relate to. It has all elements of a typical bedroom. Van Gogh is a very important artist and his symbolism from this painting fits the theme
The typical American kid experienced growing up with toys. An iconic American toy is the dump truck. Objects serve as links to memories. Childhood is a sacred time and this is a tangible link to that
I think this painting is another simple work that portrays a simple American life. The couch is a cultural icon in America. It is a place to relax, read, or sleep. This painting is also very realisitc
This is an ad for a movie, which is another cultural icon associated with growing up in middle-class America. This is not the most well-known movie, but the point remains. The color is striking.
This work provides a peek into an American summer, especially for young people. An afternoon at a beach is a happy memory for people. This work is not detailed, but a snapshot into American childhood
This work provides a counterpoint. This person is grown up. However, this shows the idea of hard work, which America takes pride in. He does not appear wealthy, but he works hard to earn a living.
The station wagon is also an icon of growing up in America. This was the style of car that most families got around in. This is the final piece in a gallery of diverse symbols of life in America.
Credits: All media
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