Interesting Paintings that tell their own individual stories through much detail and color. CLARE 209 ---Emily McDonough

It's like the windows aren't even there on this building used as a canvas because MLK takes over this powerful painting. I love the black and white incorporation in addition to color in his hands.
This images relays humanity and the love between a parent and child being the strongest of all. The nurturing aspect of this photo draws attention to all the fine detail.
This is fascinating. The lines put together something that can create imagination to the viewer. This could be seen and depicted in multiple ways. The title brings it to a halt of imagination and a way to piece it together.
The repetition of lines and color awaken this piece. This Korean piece is titled Tall Pine Tree and the Red Sun. I find the title very interesting because I wouldn't have chose that title for this piece.
This looks to be some sort of a map from my vantage point. I cannot pin point exactly what this is by basic view. Further research can help me determine what the artist had in mind when designing this piece.
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