Tyler Peck - Art History - Perspective

The reason why I chose this image is because the flowers expand from a single point. This helps shows one point perspective, with everything leading back to that one point.
This image is a great example of two point perspective. It really shows off the geometry and that is why I chose this image.
This image shows two point perspective. You can see this with the two focal points points. You see this from the stairs on the right, and the building on the left.
I chose this image because of the view, it is in one that is not normally seen. The image was made to look like a sphere.
The trees go towards a single point. This is why I chose this picture.
I chose this picture because it has very nice geometry that leads back to the focal point.
I chose this picture because it has the one point as a focus. It also starts off looking more like a drawing, then comes out at you to look 3D.
The image seems to trail from a far, using one point perspective. The whole image, in my opinion, looks 3D thanks to the coloring.
The main reason why I chose this picture is because of the colors. Something about it drew me in, while also showing one point perspective.
This picture reminds me of home during a winter storm. So that is why I chose it over some other one point perspective pictures.
The vivid yellow color caught my eye. The logs transform the picture from flat, to 3D.
The circular mound is the element that attracted me to this image.
The color of the windows caught my eye. The ledges of the buildings show that this image is in one point perspective.
The diorama adds depth thanks the one point perception. The characters and the representation of depth are the reasons why I chose this picture.
The reason why I chose this picture is because of the images on the paper in the center of the image. I know that these images have been elongated, thanks to seeing other creations like this.
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