A collection of art that uses different types of line techniques as an objective.

This art piece uses different shapes and colors of the lines to create patterns and rhythm, and flows from one structure to the next.
This consistent pattern on the artwork creates constant repetition across, while the random use of the white triangles creates variances and points of interest that captures your interest.
With each repetition of the shapes across, the shape varies slightly. The different colors add to the uniqueness of each pattern and the way they connect causes your eyes to flow from one to another.
In this piece, the lines are creating a grid, while other lines in the background take different angles. The squares that are filled in flow across the piece with the gradient shading of the squares.
The lines in this piece are strictly horizontal, and the different colors have contrast, making you pay more attention to what seems to be happening.
In this artwork, the lines vary greatly with size, shape, color, and direction. The dominant lines create a foreground and catch your eye first. The unique shapes bring your eyes all across the piece.
In this artwork, the bold lines and shapes make it stand out. The soft gradients of the colors flow around, bringing your attention to the abstract shapes in the piece.
This artwork looks very simple at first glance, however, you can notice the small lines within the pattern, and the different shades of blue.
This artwork is very interesting because it looks like a painting of a room. However, the painting is composed of continuous lines that creates the entire picture.
Credits: All media
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