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This gallery is a tribute to the renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti. This art gallery will feature ten (sketches, sculptures and paintings) very beautiful pieces by the High Renaissance great. 

The first piece in this gallery is "Seated Young Male Nude and Two Arm Studies". Michelangelo had a lot of sketches or "studies" in order to practice proportions, especially the human body.
This is one of Michelangelo's "presentation drawings" produced in 1530. It is not unlike his other pieces featuring the human form prominently. The movement of the piece is captivating.
This particular sketch stands out because it focuses on the form of the horse predominantly rather than the human form. He was a master of perspective, showing the horse riding away from the viewer.
This particular sketch is interesting because it was done in preparation for his masterpiece in the sistine chapel. This was done for "The Drunkenness of Noah" fresco. The lines and details are remarkable.
The complexity of this piece is incredible. To me, the shading is the most impressive part. I love the consistency of the light and shadow in the drawing. The faces of the piece are expressionless, hinting at the reverence they had for these religious pieces.
This shows Michelangelo's prowess as an architect as he designs this ornate candelabrum worthy of any one of the beautiful chapels that were prevalent during the High Renaissance period.
Michelangelo was commissioned to create this masterpiece for a wedding. It is one of his most famous paintings. The color is very warm. There is a lot of yellow and shades of red. The frame in which he put it is very extravagant.
Religious themes were very prevalent during the High Renaissance period. "The Torment of Saint Anthony" is telling a beautiful story. The perspective is really impressive. There are a lot of greens and blues in this painting.
"The Genie of Victory" was done by Michelangelo for a funeral for pope Giulius II Della Rovere. It is the first piece in this gallery that showcases what Michelangelo is most well-known for. He was a sculptor first and foremost.
Moses was a clay sculpture made in the early sixteenth century. It is small, but the detail is incredible. He is depicted holding the ten commandments in hand. The movement of the piece is incredible. The way his beard is in motion makes it seem as though this were a snapshot of a real-life scene.
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