Color Schemes Harris 4th

This uses the color scheme of Triade, which used red, yellow, and blue. I would say it's trying to give of normality, or regulatity.
This uses the scheme Cool, using light blue, green, blue, and light green. It's trying to bring out a slight intensity yet still peaceful mood.
This painting mostly uses the Monocramitic color scheme with green, with the exception of the yellow light. It gives out a mood of sadness and poverty.
This painting uses the color scheme of Analogous with yellow, yellow-green, and green colors. It is trying to bring out a moment of peace to the spectators.
This uses the Warm color scheme to bring out a moment of true joy and happiness.
Even though this painting uses the clashing Complmentry scheme with some slight variation, it wants you to expeirance peace and calmness in nature's beauty.
Credits: All media
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