Los Colores Rosa 

In this gallery, I would like to show how the color pink is used in most paintings. Whether it's a painting of a woman or man or even a dog, the color pink is used many times. It shows how cold a person is by coloring the cheeks of the person pink. It can also be used as part of the colors in the sky. 

On this painting it shows a soft yet dark pink and a soft but light pink to show that the clothes are wrinkled. It can also show that this is a young girl because most girls like to wear pink.
As you can see the color pink is used somewhat everywhere.You can see that a dark pink is on the woman's cheek.There is a hint of pink in the sky to show that the sun is going down and much more.
Here it shows different ranges of pink. You can see it on top of her hat, its a very dark pink.In her lips, its very raspberry pink.And also in her clothes, its very light pink to show silky clothes.
I chose this painting to show that in almost every portrait the lips are mostly pink. There's also a hint of pink in her cheeks.
In this paint pink is painted as the woman's dress. It is also shown as a fabric on the roof of the terrace and in the garden and the sky.
Here in the painting shows a man in pink. The pink maybe there to show how cold he is. It may also be there to show that burned he is from the sun.Or it maybe pink because that's just how his skin is.
Here there's pink in this man's skin, just like the Man with Pink Hands. There is also a hint of pink in the flower to show light on the flower.
I chose this picture to show how the man stands out with his pink clothes and cart. The color may represent that he is homosexual.
The color pink is shown every where in this painting. Light pink to show that there's light on either the flower or the fabric. Pink can just be the color of the flower.
I chose this painting to show that there two types of pink, a bright light pink and a dark pink to give the flower depth.
Here a light yet dark pink from the side of the candle to the other side thats light pink. Theres also like a light red -pink on the root.
THere's pink on the peaches so its not a surprise if theres pink on the peaches. theres also some hints of pink on the bottom fabric and on the top fabric in the background.
Theres pink used everywhere in this painting to show that the sunset is going down. Theres also pink on the boat either because its part of the pointillism or because that's how the boat is.
There is pink to on the rocks because gain its to show that the sun is going down even though you can't see the sun. It's also in the gourd to show dirt or mud.
Here theres a bright pink soft pink and a darkish pink because as you can see the sun is going down and so the sky is changing colors.