colorful sights

This art gallery showcases watercolor paintings that showcase nature in several different ways. You will see landscapes and people in their natural habit displayed in various ways that can only be displayed through watercolor paintings.

A beautiful abstract piece that represents the Northern Lights. Using a minimalist approach, nothing but strong colors and striking line work to represent one of life's greatest miracles.
A lovely painting showcasing a lake during the autumn season. The fine detail and use of several colors makes this piece not only different from other pieces, but a real treat to the visual senses.
A painting that is multilayered with several mountains, streams and foliage to draw your attention away from the castle that is point the center. The detail is also exquisite to say the least.
With a man riding a horse along a path, this piece has several colors to represent mountains in front of the rider and mountains in the distance. Also note the artists fine attention to detail.
A small waterfall flows between small mountains with larger mountains in the distance. The detail is stunning, especially the shading as the moonlight reflects off everything it touches.
Showcasing a snowy mountainside with tons of foliage, the artist showcases their interesting use of color and lack of color in certain areas. The use of shadowing is another striking point to observe.
With largely a view of an ocean and a valley in Normandy, this painting is striking to say the least. Less is more in this painting, with strong representation of land, sea and air.
In a painting which appears to be a riverbed with a few boats, this piece uses minimal detail to showcase how simple shapes and colors can spark the imagination of anyone viewing this piece.
As a couple of horses carry a load of materials by a large body of water, there is nothing more than sand and a few trees surrounding them. The drab colors and details make it a unique piece for sure.
This piece shows mountains in the distance while atop a grassy hillside. The colors of the sun peering over the top of the mountains is fantastic alongside the barrage of colors and detail present.
Credits: All media
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