Grey Seas of Time- Chris Campisi

In this gallery I wanted to represent the timelessness of the ocean through pictures and art. The ocean is large and amazing and a part of humanity. It represents mystery, adventure, excitement, fun, and even sometimes horror. In itself it seems to be a living thing that is always active and constantly changing. I chose grey because it represents an agelessness and the ocean because the surface does see that constant change.

In this picture we have a birds eye view of the ocean. As far as you an see all around there it is. The surface is disrupted by small waves as they travel across it. Beneath the surface the color changes, perhaps it is deeper where it is darker or there are creatures.
In this picture you see several waves settling down as they move closer to the beach leaving almost a triangle shape behind them. On the shore there are several people moving around near the top and people on horses at the bottom. The beach is short with hills beyond it.
In this picture you see a partially clear sky. On the surface of the ocean there are several small boats that you can just make out. The surface itself is calm yet you can also see many small waves disrupting it. There seems to be a straight line between the sky and the ocean.
In this picture like the last one there are boats. This time they appear closer to where the picture was taken. The boats themselves no longer appear as small vessels, but rather larger vessels in the distance. The waves are more pronounced in this picture than the other one as well.
In this picture it seems like you can see the sky from a clear surface. The surface does not seem to be disrupted by waves like in previous pictures. The clouds are scattered across the reflection of the sky. Near the top there seem to be several shapes that I cannot make out.
In this picture you again have the gentle rolling waves on the dark ocean surface. There seems to be smoke trails or water mist scattered across the surface as well. The sky seems very clear with no clouds in site. The sides of the picture fade and the picture itself seems to have a border similar to film.
In this picture we have a ferry boat. It is filled with people that you can see from the windows, upper, and lower decks. This boat only has the two decks and two small booths on top for the crew. The water has slight ripples on it except for the wake from the boat.
We are seeing the ocean and side of the boat from possibly a life boat. The waters are not calm and are reacting violently. It is possibly raining, but one cannot tell very well from the grey scale. There are also a line of boats traveling further from the camera’s perspective.
The water is very dark suggesting that it might be night in this picture. You can still see the reflection of line off the surface. The water seems very much alive and looks like obsidian. Waves are crashing against each other towards the bottom of the picture releasing ocean spray.
This drawing has a partially clouding sky. Two large mountains pass through the clouds suggesting that they are very big. In front of the mountains is a calm body of water. There appear to be several birds and boats full of people not he surface of the water. The foreground has snow on it.
Credits: All media
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