Greek art

Emily and Michaela 

Through the painting on this piece of pottery, we can assume that the Ancient Greeks valued strong men who were warriors. We can also see the technology they used in battle, spears.
Through this coin we can see examples of folklore in Ancient Greece. On the first side, we see a large eagle carrying away a horse. We can assume that this eagle was considered 'evil'.
Through this sculpture we can see that the Ancient Greeks valued warriors, as they chose to commemorate them through sculpture. This could have been a piece of art, or a child's toy.
Through this medallion we get a glimpse of Ancient Greek propaganda. Alexander the Great was a warrior and this could have been given to the soldiers as a prize that doubled as a reminder of Alexander
Through this sculpture we can see the Ancient Greek ideal woman. We see that the Ancient Greeks valued a voluminous woman, most likely to due with fertility. We also see her posing in a 'feminine' way
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