Curating of pair with thought of being in harmony human to human, human to animal, and object to object. We focus on making pair and mix and match them using models of Elevation and Mash up.

They are couple. but they're seemed to be different. The woman look more maniy, and the man look more girlish. They seemed be different, but they look good.
This is a picture of bulls fighting. They are fighting now, but they are good pair. Because they can exist when they stay together. They get better when they fight. So they are rival and also pair.
Same design but different style!
We are twins!
They are now married even though both look like men.
No matter what, wine should go with cheese!!!
The best famous couple from our childhood, "Mickey & Mini Mouse". What makes it more interesting is that it also represents the image of 'Adam and Eve'.
A good horse man and a good horse obedient to him.
Credits: All media
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