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At Happy Owl Publishing it is our mission to mentally and emotionally stimulate all readers, young and old. In doing so we present a comprehensive guide to six historical self-help books that may change your life and change the world.                                             By Shane Burke

Find your Utopia by Thomas More - Learn about governmental systems and what fits your preferences - Thomas More wants to know, “I have learned of Utopia for Hythloday, what is utopia for you?” Prepare to unearth your inner politic with Thomas More’s groundbreaking depiction of societal functions. Donald Trump says, “More has brought politics to a mainstream audience with great enthusiasm. Every person should have a copy in their hands.” The world has lost its faith for government due to corruption and war. Why should we sit back and do nothing about it? In Find Your Utopia More puts the power in your hands. Create your Utopian island and gain perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of civil structures. Do not let your ignorance fuel these selfish governments anymore! Find out how nearly five million young adults are creating a better future with Find Your Utopia. DISCOVER HOW TO: - Impress friends and family with an expansive world view - Detect over 80 percent of the nonsense spoken by politicians and other leaders - Elect leaders based off of extensive research and knowledge - Imagine a society better than today’s!
Avoiding the Normal Routine by Studs Terkel - Learn how to find a job you are passionate about - Are you bored of your life and your job? Do you feel like a small piece of a bigger machine? You are not alone. Studs Terkel has interviewed many men and women who are in the same situation. Millions of working class Americans have been invigorated and inspired to improve their daily lives with the ideas of Studs Terkel. Entertainment Weekly calls it an "insightful and subversive look at the most troubling problem in America." Terkel believes that "every individual has the potential to turn their routine life upside down." Do not become a puppet of society. Cut the strings and take control. Remember that life is not a job search, it is a happiness search. DISCOVER HOW TO: - Reinvent your outlook on life - Be proactive instead of reactive - Reevaluate the work you are doing - Gain an hour of free time every day - Rekindle your dreams
Forge Your Fortune by Nicolo Machiavelli - Learn the way to live with fortune on your side - Forge Your Fortune is based off of the idea that human beings control half of their lives while the rest is left up to fortune. So what could Machiavelli possibly teach? He teaches that fortune and control are interdependent. Humans can be triumphant when the two are in agreement, and completely unlucky when the two are apart. The key is to manage this agreement. One tip Machiavelli conveys is that being adventurous raises your fortune more than being cautious. James Franco declares that “Forge Your Fortune combines young adults’ thirst for adventure and desire to be fortuitous better than any book of my generation.” So what are you waiting for? Here is a chance to get started on improving your fortune. As Machiavelli states it, “You can create your own luck.” DISCOVER HOW TO: - Exude that young, palpable energy - Not let fortune take control of you - Say goodbye to cautiousness
The Connection by Leslie Jamison - Learn how to sort through the difficult emotions associated with empathy - Many people give their condolences to a friend when a relative dies. It is a nice gesture, but it can also seem very superficial. These condolences usually boil down to “praying to you and your family,” “he (or she) is in a better place now,” and “let me know if you need anything.” Moments like these are when Leslie Jamison’s The Connection can provide clarification. Jamison iterates that “words only provide a limited amount of comfort.” Asking questions and searching for a connection is the first step. But empathy is a two-sided story. Empathy is difficult to give and receive. A friend whose relative died may wallow in self-pity because of the superficial condolences. The friend’s true desire is the feeling of affection. This is just one of many situations that Leslie Jamison addresses in her book, The Connection. Grab the book that TIME Magazine is calling “an intriguing investigation and analysis into the most basic disconnect between human beings.” DISCOVER HOW TO: - Become an active listener - Reduce the desire for unnecessary attention - Understand expressions of the most complex emotions
How to be Human by Brian Christian - Learn how to have a pulse and be alive - A movie or book was once considered science-fiction when an artificially intelligent being became indistinguishable from a human being. Those days have passed. How long until the person you are standing next to on the sidewalk is not a human being. Brian Christian can provide the techniques to distinguish you as a human being in a world of illusion. Rolling Stone claims that How to be Human is “a hauntingly true book that expresses individuality in spades.” Christian knows how it feels to be “the most human human.” He won this award in the 2009 Turing Test, a test to decide which computer in the world is the most human. How did Christian do it? He might say, “Don’t be wooden,” but it is much more than that. You will explore the “mind” of artificial intelligence and may find yourself exploring the human mind by accident. DISCOVER HOW TO: - Become an individual - Pass the Turing Test over 90% of the time - Not be intimated by artificial intelligence - Finish this sentence: The human being is the only animal that __________.
Coming to Terms with Mortality by Lucretius - Learn how to accept the inevitability of death - Nearly three out of every four people fear death. Lucretius wants this to change. He explains, “The four elements of the world are earth, water, fire and air. All of these elements are mortal, which means the world will also one day perish.” Be prepared to see death in a whole new light with the imaginative ideas of Lucretius. He will introduce you to Epicurean principles that will spark your feelings of harmony with the world and enlighten you on your misconceptions about the relationship between pleasure and pain. Morgan Freeman calls it “a bizarre and refreshing view of life and death that is not as dismal and pretentious as it may seem.” Coming to Terms with Mortality is the highest selling book for people ages 50. Now it is your turn to find out why. DISCOVER HOW TO: - Welcome death with open arms - Find 50 percent more pleasure in everyday activities - Feel more connected to the universe - Remove at least 60 percent of your worries about death - Live an honorable life free of anger and pain
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