Georges Seurat

Georges seurat was a post impressionist who focussed on pointillism. His most popular art work was A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. Seurat was born in France in a wealthy family.

Seated Women with a Parasol is made with conte crayon(black). The painting is exactly 477mm by 315mm. I think that this picture is very abstract and difficult to make out the subject.
Like many of Seurat's artworks this one included conte crayons as well. This painting was 12" by 9 1/2 inches. Seurat drew many pictures of his mother but none of them were this simple.
This picture was made by the use of conte crayon. This picture was about 12ft by 9 1/2 ft. Seurat used the properties of light and shade to make the art really pop out. I think that this picture is really cool because it looks like it was carefully done.
The Circus is simply oil on canvas. The painting itself is 73" by 59" and is compose of small circles and spirals. In my opinion this picture is eerie .
The painting is made ofconte crayon . I think this picture is mysterious and weird. This piece of artwork took Seurat about one year to complete.
This painting is oil on canvas and is basically a bunch of little dots. The painting is about 6ft 10" by 10ft 1". In my opinion this is one of my paintings of all time.
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