The culture of nepal and pakistan

By Catherine Wisniewski

This was a very interesting picture I thought I should include in my gallery because I didn't know that women in Pakistan were allowed to have a freedom such as this and I think it's worth noting that she was the first woman to set the example.
This is a super cool structure I thought fit the culture of Pakistan because it just looks like the type of structure that would have a lot of stories to tell if its walls could talk. It may not be all that beautiful but I think its very unique.
If you ever watch movies about Pakistan or the surrounding areas you see a lot of this kind of architecture and I think this tells a lot about its history and divine culture. I know all of Pakistan isn't so pretty and put together but in this case I think the pretty outnumbers the ugly.
Even though this is a whole website dedicated to art, I still think murals like this are so mesmerizing and not one is the same. Just by looking around other galleries I think the way people living in Pakistan and even areas in the U.S express their thoughts and emotions is by painting murals.
This is a different piece of history I thought I should include into my gallery because you get a look at the entertainment side of Pakistan. Though it may be different than American entertainment, it's still pretty fascinating to me.
Through all of the tragedy Nepal experienced with the earthquake, I think this goes to show that the people living in the region believe faith can overcome anything and everything.
I keep adding murals to my gallery but that's okay because I like murals like this if you couldn't tell. You see tigers a lot in Nepal's artwork and I would not be surprised to find out that this Tiger has a deeper meaning than just drawing on a wall for fun.
Faith is very important to the people in Nepal and the surrounding areas and that's why I decided to include the head of Buddha in my gallery since many people are buddhists.
The caption of this in the gallery was "the last nomads of nepal" and so I just had to add this because I didn't know there were still nomads living in Nepal in the 21st century.
I got a little bit emotional because just looking at this kid you can just tell he's working and he doesn't come from a wealthy family. This is a popular theme in Nepal and its disappointing that children still have to work.
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