Life in trenches

Soldiers fighting in no mans land. It shows the harsh life of living and fighting in the war and what it took to overtake the next trench.
Soldiers in a trench, shows the horrible conditions they had to go through during the war, as you can see its very crowded and looks very dirty.
Soldiers marching, possibly to or from a battle. Although it doesn't show life in the trenches it shows the harsh conditions they had to go through when traveling.
A man works in a dug out by a trench. It seems somewhat nice of a room to write letters but conditions in the trench are probably much worse.
This again shows the harsh conditions of what soldiers what to go through in the trenches. This trench doesn't seem to have much cover, lots of buildings are destroyed around it.
Soldiers fighting in a trench, it seems very small and crowded like the others but this one seems to have some cover for their heads.
Shows the often crowded aspect of trenches, many men are crowded into one area protecting their friends from enemy fire.
Men standing in a trench, shows the often bad conditions they had to go through. This however seems to be covered in snow. It seems somewhat small and crowded like most trenches.
Men in a trench, it seems like some of them may be dead, this shows the harsh conditions in trenches and how sometime you had to live with your dead friends rotting next to you.
Men crowded in a trench with their dog.
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