Without Color, Life's Meaning would be lost

A look into how Color can influence mood

I chose this painting because of the use of cool colors. It shows that even fruit and flowers can be given a calming feel just with the use of color.
I added this piece because of how the colors were used. These colors are very cool and calming and you can almost even feel the cold temperature conveyed in the painting.
I chose this painting because the colors really accentuate how beautiful this woman was.
The next four paintings will have similar captions. I chose these paintings by Aka Høegh because she uses more cooler colors to paint the seasons. This one is a painting of Spring.
I chose this painting by Aka Høegh because she uses cool colors to capture one of the hottest seasons of the year, Summer. She does so quite incredibly, I might add.
I chose this painting of Autumn by Aka Høegh because she combines a few warm colors with cooler colors and captures Autumn. Its ironic that she uses the warmer colors on one of the colder seasons.
I chose this fourth painting by Aka Høegh because she uses her cooler colors very well. You can really feel how cold this environment might be.
I chose this painting by Ted Thai for his use of warm colors. Thai really makes Ted Turner feel like a warm and cozy person to be near.
I chose this painting for the color usage. It gives off the feeling of a nice sunny day and makes it have a happy feeling to it.
I wanted to use this painting because it was really an interesting piece. The warm color give it a relaxed feeling but the interesting thing about it is that a few people are nude while others aren't.
The Nurture of Jupiter has a very good use of color in it. The natural colors makes us focus on what is going on in the whole painting rather than a single point in the painting.
This painting by Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller uses warm colors to make us focus on the woman. I chose it because his attention to detail in each flake of gold and his coloring of the shiny pieces.
I chose this piece because I really thought it was a beautiful piece. The warm colors give it the feeling of mid-day by the beach.
This painting stood out to me because of the subtle irony in it. He uses warm coloring during a winter day to capture the warmer temperature of this particular day.
I chose this painting because of the emotion of it's color. You can't quite tell if the boat in the distance is leaving or coming back but the warm coloring helps to heighten that emotion.
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