principles of design

In this artwork by Mi Fu,this artist shows porportion to express the size relationship of parts' to be another and its whole to make the mountains look bigger when they probably it from another angle
In this door made by Alfred Koehn,this shows balance. the artist wanted to be similair the way the pattern is on bothe sides they are exacly the same because it arrangesthe elements to make stability.
This checkerboard like pattern made from an unknown artist uses patter because throughout the artwork the white and black pattern reapeats till the end of the artwork.
In this artwork by Emily Carr, uses rythem and movement by making the river look like it was moving making it seem like the water in the painting was acually moving.
This artwork by Joris Hoefnagel, uses porportion in the artwork because it shows the letter A bigger than normal size because all the other words are small compared to the letter.
This artwork by Lee Seahyun,showed unity in this artwork by sticking to one primarily one color throughout the whole artwork the red color in this artwork is consistant showing unity in this artwork.
This artwork by Opera national de paris, shows variety by all the colors you see because its showing inclusions of differences in an artwork.
Credits: All media
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