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The goal of our company is to provide literature that will provide a reflection on humanity. Our works will help readers question how they interact with society. Such questions that will be explored include: What makes us human, how do we understand each other and how has technology influenced our interactions with each other. Our hope is that our readers will be able to grow from reading from the pieces of the catalog and ensure that humanity is propagated, and not go extinct like our flightless namesake mascot. 

The Prince Fear, Love, Power and Stability. These are the characteristics Machiavelli imagined to be of a great ruler. In order to create such a perfect ruler, the strategist Machiavelli created a 26 Chapter summary outlining the Do’s and Don’t of ruling an empire. Advice on where to allocate resources, how to treat your subjects, how to deal with allies and enemies alike are all covered in this manual. Machiavelli uses years of experience and ingenuity to craft this guide to make the most successful Prince, but this manual is not only for Princes. Many ask, why is this relevant today? The answer is that Machiavelli’s The Prince holds timeless wisdom as it addresses human nature itself. How people interact with each other, how they treat each other and how they respond to their superiors. Over the last 600 years, the ruling positions may have, but the nature of humans remains the same. The kingdoms are now corporations and politics offices. The player in the game have not changed. Only after reading this manual will you understand that this still holds true. “A timeless masterpiece, that still resonates to the leadership today” -NY Times “I wish I read this” - Joffrey Lanister
Working “It’s not just the work. Somebody built the pyramids. Somebody’s going to build something. Pyramids, Empire State Building-these things just don’t happen. There’s hard work behind it.” –Mike Lefevre Everyone has a story to tell and from every story there is a lesson to be learned. That’s what America was built on, stories, the stories of laborers, workers, men and women who toiled day in and day out to make ends meet. In this novel the stories of dozens of laborers will be explored. Each exploring a different facet of the condition. Some workers loathe the jobs they are part of, knowing that they could easily be replaced. While others relish the fact that what they do can never be replaced, that work done by human hands can never be replicated. This kind of insight is only available from talking to people who have been in their positions for years. Isn’t it natural to wonder what the carpenter you hire thinks about his job, or the mail man, sale person, or even secretary? Each of these professions have their faults, and their perks and the only way to truly understand what it is like is to get the information from the source. This book is not just a series of questions of answers, each interview is unique and will provide a new lesson to taken away from each one. “Studs Terkel outdoes himself in this latest piece. Every story brings a unique flavor to the book, no one interview is the same, and what the workers have to say, it’s just fascinating.” –Philadelphia Times
Snow Crash Usernames, avatars, gamertags, humans are all about masking who we are on the internet. In this free land of open content we make the conscious decision to mask who we are. But why? Why is it necessary to hide our real selves? Follow the story of Hiro Protagonist to see how he copes with living in the Metaverse, a world that contains only people who hide themselves behind their avatars. Hiro's journey will lead him to the discovery of the programming of humanity and its thirst for knowledge. Experience firsthand what happens to humans when they unleash their inner selves. Behind their masks see what people will do when they do not have to face consequences, the injustices they will commit, the discrimination, sexism and sexual violence. As twisted as this may seem, Hiro can live out his life as someone who he wants to be without the constraints of the physical world. However, this Hiro's life is not peaceful, the elite still reign supreme and there is the danger of Snow Crash. Determine for yourself what evils come out, when the masks go on. “A magnificent merging action and human understanding, this book has it all action, suspense, mystery, corruption and sex”-LA Times
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman What do puzzles, broken radios and atomic bombs have to do with one of another? They were all interests of one Richard Feynman. Before becoming a scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project, he was just a boy who liked playing with puzzles and tinkering with broken electronics. How does one go from a hobby as innocent as puzzles to being a member of creating one of the most destructive weapons on earth? The answer is quiet simple; scientific curiosity. It is a trait that everyone possess. Humans, in general, yearn for knowledge. They strive to learn more, to grow and to understand that is what makes us human. We get a satisfaction from having answers. For Mr. Feynman, this curiosity goes a step farther and when coupled with his extraordinary intellect lead to an obsession in whatever task he set his mind on. “That’s a puzzle drive. It’s what accounts for my wanting to decipher Mayan hieroglyphics, for trying to open safes…I wouldn’t stop until I figured the damn thing out” This book will delve more into the mindset of a brilliant man with an extraordinary drive for knowledge. Satiate your own scientific drive by learning about the inner workings of a genius. “Mr. Feynman lives up to his expectations, his recollections from his childhood had me craving to learn more.” – New York Times
The Most Human Human “How, in fact, do we be the most human humans we can be-not only under the constraints of the test, but in life? In an age of exponential growth and integration of technology, a major question arises, how do we separate ourselves from the machines? Auto-correct, auto-replies and computer bots make most of our conversations, what is keeping our human qualities intact? These are the major questions that will be explored in this novel while observing the consequences and results of the Turning Test. The Turing test is the epitome of the computer AI advancement. This exam pits humans against machines, creators against the created, in a battle to determine who can be qualified to be human. The basis of humanity will be observed in this novel, communication. Is it possible that technology has reached a point where it can replicate human communications or has humanity degraded to the point where it can be replicated so easily. What will be offered in this novel is not just information about some test, but rather a reflection of oneself. “While not as action packed as the Terminator, this novel depicts a battle over humanity, not a physical one but an intellectual one” – Chicago Times
The Empathy Exams “Part of me has always craved a pain so visible-so irrefutable and physically inescapable-that everyone would have to notice.” Leslie Jamison is an actor, her venue is not on the stage or the big screen, it’s in the doctor’s office. She is a patient-actor hired to test medical students on their patient contact skills. What is unique about her job is that she needs to act out not only physical symptoms of the patients she plays but reflect certain emotions. Doing that is not as easy as it seems, in order to truly become the patient one has to empathize with them. This is the major conflict that will be followed in Leslie’s story. Through her job and her own medical ailments Leslie will learn what it takes to truly be empathetic. Learn first-hand what the difference is between superficial understanding of a person’s feeling and truly identifying with someone. To put yourself in another’s shoes and share their hidden pain, anguish and sorrow and then take that knowledge to learn how to comfort or even respond to them. It is not an easy task, but it is what makes us human. Do you understand empathy enough to empathize with someone you just met? The better question is can you see beyond the mask someone puts up to empathize with them? “What makes this story so compelling is how relatable it is. Jamison’s story is one that we have all felt, one of yearning for understanding and to be understood.” –San Diego Times
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