Love and Desire the streets. Something about street art makes it stand out from anything that can be put on canvas. Whether it is the scale, or the difficulty of proportion, there is something beautiful about it. This gallery shows street art displaying two things we all feel in one way or another; love and desire. 

Love can be intimate. Here two lovers are on the verge of becoming intimate, displayed by the kiss and placement of their hands. Is this love, or simply a desire to make love?
Seductive and mischievous. This nude woman is positioned in a way to make her desirable to viewers, but do you still feel the same when you see her horns?
Love knows no bounds. Here, love is on display as two officers share a very intimate kiss, chances are in a public setting.
Love is powerful, in that no words have to be said to display it. Here, you can see in the man's face his sadness, as the woman he is holding must have been someone he loved.
This woman's appeal is strictly desire. But not in the way you may think. I see a woman who desires to be touched, or loved, and may be feeling lonely.
A romantic evening. Maybe something erotic is being whispered into the woman's ear. Love and desire on full display.
The woman is holding the owl with love, trying not to let the creatures get to it. It's almost as if the creatures did want the owl, but their desire may have changed towards the woman.
I found this hilarious. Here is a male love doll, who has lost his beloved partner, which happens to be a female love doll. Ironic?
"Ophelia", is extremely seductive in her pose. Showing just enough to get the viewers mind wandering, just a tad, it creates a sense of desire for more. Her eyes though, display a vulnerable side.
Something that is not normally displayed in a sexual manner, here you have an erotic geisha. Taking something generally classy, very desirable.
Credits: All media
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