Color Schemes

this is warm colors, it has white, red orange, red, yellows, a light green pear and leaves, pink flowers, and black how i feel about this painting is that it's peaceful,calm, and kinda hungry.
this is triadic colors, it contains black, green, orange, and violet on the folds of the skirt. this makes me feel amazed, kinda in the mood to dance with her
this is complementary colors, lots of yellows and violets, red and greens, blues and red oranges i'm a little confused, because it looks like a man and women, kissing, and at the edge of a cliff
this is anaglogous. the paitning includes, blues, greens, and some blue green in the leaves, and it also has some browns, red, and others. this picture is calming, and makes you want to go outside
this is monochromatic colors. the colors consist of browns, blacks, and whites. this kinda makes me feel negative because if the inverted colors, and old seeming
this is cool colors. it had violet on the shirt and skin, blue on the walls, green on the plants, and other colors it makes me feel at home, clean, and chill
Credits: All media
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