Casey cole               Colorful conclusions

These artworks provide some of the most eye capturing surfaces that an artist can make. From red to blues, and from pinks to greens. These artworks will definitely make you want to change your mind about boring, not so colorful artworks being your favorite pieces. So please enjoy the following pieces that I have selected.

Even though this piece is mainly made of 2 colors, teal and yellow, the difference in color is what brings this artwork to life, and the 3D texture definitely catches the eyes as well.
The uniqueness of this piece is absolutely incredible. It makes sure that your eyes are focused on the floor rather than on the ways or ceiling. Also shows that stepping on art pieces arn't always bad
Even though there aren't to many colors in this picture. It definitely catches the eye due to the style of using pixels or tiny squares to display an extremely simple, yet unique art piece.
Artworks don't always look good with wild colors. But in this case they do. NOBULO is a great example of different textures and contrast put together to showcase an incredible display of colors.
This piece shows that colors don't always have to aline, they can be broken just like glass and still be beautiful. The vibrance of colors in this artwork is why it landed in my top 10 favorite.
This artwork is the ultimate eye attraction made from vibrant colors. This picture describes everything "Color Conclusions" is all about. Very abstract piece of artwork in every aspect, even in scale.
Even though this picture is a little bland. It still contains a variety of colors which allows it to be in my collection. Even thought the meaning of this painting isn't clear, its still beautiful.
This piece shows that street art work doesn't have to be boring or done with spray paint, they can be done professionally and still look amazing. It fits into my collection because of the colors.
This artwork shows how walls don't always have to be boring. That they to can be very easy to paint and give off a very artistic look. I believe the vertical lines are very full of color and vibrance.
This image shows, what looks to be, Rubic's Cubes stacked on top of each other. It looks to be puzzles made tomato one big puzzle. There are a lot of colors shown in many different patterns.
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