Harlem Renaissance

Rachel Wasserman

Henry Ossawa Tanner was one of the first African-American artists to achieve international acclaim. became a hopeful symbol to many artists who were to contribute to the Harlem Renaissance. His artistic success and his international acclaim were an inspiration to this next generation whose art and lives were impacted by racism and modernism.
In this painting of Langston Hughes, he is contemplating over his work, Hughes was a poet and essayist. Langston Hughes focused on black life and culture in the united states during the Harlem Renaissance.
Aaron Douglass was a painter during the Harlem Renaissance. Douglass first experimented with modernism and to use african symbols in his art. He was known as the father of African American Art.
The Harlem was a neighborhood in northern Manhattan, New York. Harlem became the most populated area of Blacks during the Great Migration. To this day Harlem still retains its African American culture.
The extraordinary painter William H. Johnson lived a art-filled life. Johnson was known for painting landscapes and scenes of daily life among African Americans. William H. Johnson and others captured the black experience with paintings, clay, sculptures, and on canvas during the Harlem Renaissance.
Miguel Covarrubias was a young Mexican artist. He took a great interest in the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. Miguel began to draw caricature. The only problem with him drawing caricatures is that he didn't want anyone to be offended.
Paul Robeson was probably one of the most famous african american singers, actors, and activists there was in the early 20th century. Robeson rose to fame during the Harlem Renaissance. In this photo Paul is performing.
Bill "BOJANGLES" Robinson was a very famous tap dancer during the Harlem Renaissances. Robinson was also a famous vaudeville star who became one of the first black stars on Broadway and in Hollywood.
Louis Armstrong was one of the most famous Jazz musicians during the Harlem Renaissance. He was a very talented trumpeter who influenced later musicians. Louis's music helped the acceptance of jazz music in the future.
James Baldwin was famous for many repeated themes within his writing. Many were about the racial issues and conflicts between the White Community and the Black Community. He was one of the few people during the Harlem Renaissance that could speak out and help out with the issues of segregation, social issues, and other racial issues as well. Many of his writings and ideas came from the social issues he faced in his daily life around him.
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