By: Maria Flores  Period: 1

This image demonstrates low definition. Within the grass there are many smudges and various line strokes that make is hard to determine the outline. It is also this way in the sky and the sand.
The following image is an example of positive and negative shapes. The man is the positive image since he is the main focus while the background and spaces between his arms are the negative images.
This image is a geometric image. There are many sharp, crisp edges that are distinguishable. There are also curved edges and various lines that help create the precise triangles, circles and squares.
This drawing is a curvilinear shapes because it is a series of circular edges within each other. It has flowy edges and various curves that make it a curvilinear shape.
The following image is abstract because there is a basic idea of where the farmer is. However, one can not tell for sure because there are details in the painting that have been altered.
Here one can classify this image as organic because the circles are not perfect and the edges are rough and rocky. Also, the outline of this sculpture has a curved form to them.
This image is an example of high definition because the main focus is the figure on the bike. Since the edges are clear, it allows one to easily identify what lines were used to create this image.
This is a non-objective shape because it contains circles, rectangles, and squares. It also so connection or relation to anything that could be found in nature.
This image is representational because it is a specific image created from a certain time and place. It is about a specific object and based on a certain observation.
The following image is a rectilinear shape. The outline of the buildings are darken which makes it easier for one to see that it is composed of straight lines and has many angular corners.
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