Not Really Creative

I'm Not Really Creative about pictures. This Gallery is mostly about pictures i like and that i think are adorable. I Really into cute things because they make me Laugh Or Smile. I Think Its cool to me because it has everything i like. In some of the pictures they can mean different things , but art is whatever you make it.

In this picture I see that the streets are busy and filled with busy people getting by. This picture also shows how the day was back in 1910. In the photo it show two men checking out a girl which i think is funny. And in the photo it shows men working on the walk-ways trying to make the city/town better.
In this picture i see a happy street art drawing. I Also chose this photo because it is adorable and such. in this picture I'm thinking the location is in an alley behind or to the side of a building. I think it was behind a building because it takes some time paint an entire block yellow without being seen. I lastly chose this picture because its showing that the artist could be happy or has a little bit of child in them that they want to show the world.
I chose this picture because i think it is just majestic and amazing , mainly because of the Unicorn. To me the picture says that someone is fighting death and that person is willing to fight back against death while the bystanders ,the fish,is to focused watching the two fight that he does nothing but watch. In another case A girl can be fighting a death , which could be a sickness, and the fish, which possibly represents her family or someone she knows, can do nothing to help and just watch and hope for the best. This picture is my favorite because of the unicorn and the cat.
I chose this picture because bunnies are so amazing and adorable. but the bunnies may represent many things. To me the white bunny seems to be sick or hurt and might die, while the bunny on the right is there for the white bunny and will not leave her side so she knows she is not alone. To the left i see a seal or a stamp that may represent the artist who drew it.
This picture is pretty cool because it has a large picture on the side of a hotel. I Love this picture because it has a cute fluffy looking creature on side of the hotel. What mostly Catches my eye is the colors which seem to be an attention grabber to passing people. It makes me really happy to see something like this.
i love this picture because its cool and creative. The picture shows a picture of a dog and A person running up some flight of stairs. Its Also Amazing Because it also on the side of the hotel just like the one from before. It Might have had took some time to make it perfect but its cool. I think this hotel is a fun hotel because it has a picture of something fun that would mostly be to target children like a play place or a After-school club
In this picture there is a picture of a cat walking around with kites. I Think Its Cute because you never see a cat holding a kite everyday. I Mostly love this picture because of the fishes. My Favorite fish is the Red And White one near the bottom of the fence.
This Picture is adorable because its just a simple painting of a cat holding a lobster. To me i think its kind of funny because the lobster seems to be happy even though he got caught by the cat. The cat Seems to be either a tiger or a some type of leopard. what really seems to catch my eye is the small balls next to the hind of his legs
I Chose this Picture Because i love cats and such. This Picture Shows A Cat Looking At A Butterfly. He Is Also In Yard Just Chillin' and is just exploring. The cat seems to be like us we are curious of something that is different from us. This Art Also has a stamp or a signiture they might have to others know that he or she made that picture.
I Chose this picture Because i think Beavers are cool and cute. The Picture seems to show a model of a beaver. The Model Of The Beaver seems to be used to show how it might look and how it might adapt to his enviornment. The Beaver seems to be happy.
this picture is different from the others, i chose this picture only for the penguins. Now it just seems like the penguins are hunting the human just like we hunt penguins for their skin.They look cute and are huddling to either kill the human or keep him warm. I might never know what this art might mean but that's the beauty of it. Art Is Whatever you want to make it
THIS PICTURE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I think this picture is amazing because it has a cool pixel duck. It Seems as a calm sunny day with a random duck swimming. Ducks are adorable that's why i chose this picture. The Setting seems really calm And happy.
I thought this was a good art picture because it has a picture of a smiley face. When i see a smiley face i want to smile as well. I Also Noticed this company also uses very bright colors to catch the audience attention. They might have used bright colors to sell them something or to notify them about an event that might take place. I Chose this picture mostly because its adorable because of the really bright neon colors and the smiley face
I love this picture because its so amazing.This picture is cool because its nice and pink.Its also adorable because it has a cute little Face. I Think this art was As an Advertisement to sell some sort of food or drink. It may also be able to promote a company or A product.
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