Struggle of sisters

When men are oppressed its a tragedy, when women are oppressed its tradition.- Letty Cotton Pogrebin

Artemisia Gentileschi's painting at first appears to be her depiction of the biblical story of Judith. However, on further inspection the face of Holofernes is actually the face of Agostino Tassi who raped Artemisia and almost got away with it. Further more the face of Judith is Artemisia's. Many consider this painting a representation of her revenge against him. I put this here to represent the women oppressed by those who try to overlook sexual violence.
Frida Kahlo by no means had a peaceful life or marriage. Her husband cheated on her numerous times, but the most devastating betrayal of her trust was when her husband had an affair with her own sister. While heartbroken she learned that a local woman had been murdered by her husband for cheating. When questioned about her murder the husband replied, "it was just a few snips". I put this here to represent the woman betrayed by the ones the trust and unable to fight back.
At first this appears to just be a woman crying, but why is she? The artist Chris Ofili made this painting as a tribute to a murdered teen named Stephen Lawrence whose death had racial motives that was mishandled by the police. I put this here to show the struggle of those oppressed by institutional racism.
This is a woman attempting to kill herself after being raped by her cousin. I put this here to again highlight sexual violence against women and the shame put upon them by society when the rapist goes unpunished.
This is laborer, many laborers on this planet are women. These workers are often underpaid and overlooked due to the stereotype that women are weak and unwilling to work as hard as men. I put this piece here to represent these strong women.
The Amazons are a legendary civilization of empowered women. Seen in this statue its said that they would often cut off their left breast because it would hinder them in battle. I put this here to represent the power of women.
We all know the story of Cleopatra. Her life's struggle was to rule over her people while fighting the discrimination of men. Her brother and the Roman Empire all fought her rule. After losing in battle Cleopatra committed suicide rather than fall under roman rule.
A powerful and uncomfortable painting to look at. This mother and her children live in poverty and squalor. You can feel how a hard life has aged her as she sits there with her children clinging to her. I put this here to represent the oppression of poor women by their government.
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