Varying Architecture of the World - Bradley Elliott

A collection of paintings focused on different buildings and places from around the world. The location of the subject of each painting intentionally differs as well as the artist who painted each piece. Multiple styles of painting are used within the collection, but each subject is of a realistic location.

A view of the capital city of Poland. This painting is a very detailed depiction of the buildings and people within Warsaw done in a very realistic style.
Two girls standing in the foreground with a wooden building in the background. The artist didn't include many fine details but it still clearly shows the hand made style of the building and the people who live there.
A view of the Grand Canal in Venice with the buildings bordering it. This is a realistic image of the canal but it has a softer look and it shows the beauty of Venice around the golden hour.
A view of a village from street level. This piece seems to be an impressionist painting since it uses quick strokes that make it harder to decipher the subject when zoomed in but it is very clear when viewing from a distance.
A painting of a Japanese theater and the people walking on the street. This is another completely different type of building painted by a Japanese artist that gives it a unique style than if it had been painted by a european artist at the time.
An old white house in the countryside. This painting has a much heavier use of paint that I think makes the building seem older.
This is a watermill with a dense forest behind it. The painting is very detailed and realistic and shows a German watermill which is an interesting and unique type of building.
This is a wine shop as seen from the view on the street. There are less detail in the peoples faces but you can tell that the bottom half of building is made of stones and the roof is shingled.
A train station with a train facing away from it. I think this another interesting type of building that has a specific purpose like the watermill. You can easily distinguish each brush stroke.
This is of a dark brown cottage with a woman in front of it. The painting uses very dark colors and has very vague details.
Credits: All media
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