Hana ni Arashi

This gallery reflects my feelings about nature and how important, beautiful and terrifying the environment is as it reflects on changes in life and how it impacts us.

I included this painting in my gallery because the plants in this painting make me think a little about the way these colours can reflect on life.This artwork shows the true power of blue can bring out the calm within anyone. It is as if it reflects the emotions you feel at times. This links to my theme as I am focusing on the way plantlife shows different aspects of life.
I think this had an impact on me, one of many of Claude Monet's work, because it shows the sea peaceful but able to change at any moment, like our feelings about life. I included this in my gallery as the peaceful seascape reflects on the feelings we have. This links to my theme as our emotions shift and change like the tides of the sea.
This painting gives off a mystical sort of feeling that shows that even life has its mysteries. You can try to solve the mysteries but there will always be more. I included this into my gallery because the pale colours gives this painting a mysterious feel to it. The fogginess of the scene reflects on the secrets of life, this is how the painting is linked to my theme.
The beautifull green in this painting draws me to it and makes me want to jump in the painting. This painting reveals many hidden parts of our emotions like to be at peace with ourselves and others. I included this in my gallery because it represents the sweetness of culture and heritage.
This painting reflects on how life is like a flowing river and we must follow the fast pace of life. This waterfall tells me that it's okay to fall down because you can follow the rest of the river to where you must flow. I included this in my gallery as the blue and green swirls mesmerises me and it is as if someone has popped the bubble of emotions within me.
The greens and blues in the painting draw your eyes to the soft light tones and highlights of this picturesque painting. I think the message in thios painting is to always look at the good side of life even if it is a foggy morning. I included this in my gallery because of the way the colours meld as if creating a path even in the darkest of moments.
Bamboo always, for some strange reason, make me think about flutes. When I look at this painting a bamboo flute playing a 'mystical' tune appears in the back of my mind. I included this in my gallery because of the way it can influence the emotions and the great sense of history behind the painting.
This painting is a beautiful landscape showing a lovely little valley and small houses, my reflection on this painting is that you can't do everything alone and you must see your surroundings. Ask for help from the people around you, don't be afraid. I included this painting in my gallery because I feel the painting represents bonds between people.
This painting makes you really see that the seasons actually reflect on the way you see the world. This painting changes your perspective on life as you discover more and more details. This painting is like Ying and Yang to counter each other like calmness cools anger. I included this in my gallery as the picturesque painting shows how life balances out. I feel it represents the good and bad parts and how they counter each other.
The House at Rueil makes me a little bit sad and nostalgic as it makes me remember about my old house and wonder how is it doing. My memories are funny and sad at the same time yet I cherish them all the same. I included this painting in my gallery as I think that sometimes you can't let go of the past and sometimes it's actually good to remember the past.
This painting inspires solitude, peacefulness and how lots of people feel. Even the most powerful people in the world need some alone time! I Included this painting in my gallery because it gives a sense of happiness and peace that only the quiet sense of solitude can gives you.
This painting makes you think of rural areas and how lovely it would be to let yourself go and be free, who you really are on the inside. I included this painting in my gallery as the bright yellow in the painting gives a nice feeling of happiness and joy. This links to my theme as it can influence your feelings and make you happy.
This painting makes me think of hope in the rays of light. It brings joy and takes you to your Zenith, your highest point. I included this painting in my gallery because the rising sun brings hope. This links with my theme as the radiant light glows softly and makes you feel good about yourself.
Autumn Leaves is an eastern style painting which makes me feel like I can withstand anything in the world. It is as if the painting itself represents being strong and resilient like an Oak tree.
This painting makes you feel like rolling around in that grass. The thing that hide in the grass represents the hidden aspects of life.
This interesting painting shows both sides of life, the bright side and the dark side, the good and the bad. It makes me think that we control our fate, depending on the decisions we make we can fall on either side of the boundary.
The Plains of Heaven brings out the good side of life as if being on top of the world will boost your self moral and the way you view yourself as a person.
This painting shows how people can work together living in a cramped space yet able to be so happy.
The picture in the painting, for me, represents the labryinth and how the winding paths will bring you to your Xanadu, the hope from within.
This painting shows the other side of life, the bad side of life. It makes me think that we must always be cautious and wary of the darker side. There is no good without bad.
For me, this painting represents sailing forth to a new horizon and discovering different things. After the raging battle, turning over a new leaf, starting anew.
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