This painting represents Fall, because of the leaves falling and how they are red, green, brown, yellow, and orange. Also how the grass is colored.
This painting reminds me of Fall, with the way it is painted and how the artist used orange, yellow, green, and a red.
I choose this painting , because it represents the season Autumn and it has the cool effect that Autumn brings to people
This picture represents Winter, because of the heavy snow fall and how the sky is covered with clouds. Also, how the shadows are a grey, instead of a black.
This picture represents Winter, because of the frozen lake. Also, of how the people are dressed in this painting.
This picture represents Spring, because the trees have blooming flowers and some trees don't have any have any flowers. Also the sky is cloudy so it reminds me of the rain that comes in the Spring.
The painting reminds me of Spring. With the name of the painting being Spring Landscape the artist successfully made his point. With the white blossoms and how the people dress.
This painting reminds me of Spring, because of how the colors are duller than what they would be in summer. also, how there are many clouds in the sky.
This picture represent the season Summer, because it is bright and colorful. Also, you can tell it's a nice day, because there is not a could in sight and the girl is holding an umbrella.
This picture reminds me of Summer with the cloudy sky and how the boats are out in the sea. Also, the way Vincent van Gogh painted it reminded me of Summer.
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