Color Schemes

Jack Burns

Complementary The mood is very relaxed and calm I don't think the color is symbiotic at all The trees are shaded along with the grass I think green is the dominant color Because it's relaxing and calm
Monochromatic This mood is very depressing The color is not symbiotic The shade has a drastic change The dominant color is brown He chose these color to set the mood
Non-realistic This mood is very dark It's not symbiotic There's a fade from dark to light The dominant color is a dark purple He chose the color to make it depressed and sad
Realistic Colors The mood is very depressed The color isn't symbiotic The shade is on the water Blue is the dominant color He chose the colors to make it look dark
Warm Colors The mood is very tired This isn't symbolic at all There's a shade on his coat Red is the dominant color Because it could represent wealth
Cool Colors The mood is calm and depressed The color blue sets the mood because of the shade There's a shade throughout the painting Blue is the dominant color He used blue to set the mood
Secondary Colors The mood is very simple happy The color is symbolic because the colors make it bright There's shade on the table Green is the dominant color To represent everyday life
Primary Colors The painting doesn't really have a mood The color is symbolic at all The shade on the items because they go backwards White is the dominant color He used these colors to show variety
Credits: All media
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