Lines: An Element of Art

The following images employ lines to create tension and the illusion of three dimensions. 

The retracing of lines give an illusion of three dimensions, somewhat similar to what hatching does.
The values of shading inside the standing man fill out his figure, and the line running through the painting provides perspective.
The swirling lines allude to the movement of wind.
These swirling lines also represent moving, and the varying thicknesses of lines also provide a foreground, middleground, and background.
The vertical lines evoke strength in the piece.
This piece is full of contour lines, particularly around the Buddha in the center.
I love this sketch because the feathers on the neck don't all connect, making the piece appear to almost move.
In addition to the hatching that adds depth to the face, the values of the green in the background are gorgeous.
The fact that the lines are just slightly crooked and diagonal add a little tension to the piece.
This ancient piece of rock art uses contour lines to imply movement.
Credits: All media
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