Hailey pompeo still life 

i have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. hailey pompeo 

The first artwork that is seen is a good example of still life. There are main different elements of art and design that are seen through out this artwork. There is shape which is seen in the grapes, form which is seen in the fruit, texture is seen if you zoom into the picture it loos bumpy, color which are brown green purple and orange,space which is between the different fruits and shapes.
the picture to the left is a good example of still life. You can see many elements of art and design such as texture which appears to be rough like sand paper, color: yellow, green, blue, pink,red, and brown, form the cube that is holding up the vase, space which is the relation between the vase and the cube.
This artwork is another great example of still life. The artwork has no movement and that is what gives it the effect of still life. You see that it is still life through the elements of art and design. Lines on the table, texture looks to be smooth but a little rough, form the bowls and the table are three dimensional, color: blue, orange, brown, green,and red.
This artwork is a great example of still life. there is color: red, brown, and gold, texture piano keys smooth, lines on the piano keys, value the keys are whit and black, space relation between the piano and the table, and form the three dimensional piano.
this last artwork is yet another good example of still life. There is color: purple, brown, red, orange, green and yellow, texture seems very smooth, line the stems of the flowers, shape of the flowers, value the white, form the pot that the plant is in, and space the relationship between the two plants.
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