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The image of "Light Grey Wall" created by Josef Albers represents unbalanced value distribution because the value of colors presented is not in a correct order. The light colors should be together as well as the dark colors should be in the same area. They are all in mixed up places thus, giving the critique a feel of it being unbalanced.
The image of "Wall of Light,Red Summer" created by Sean Scully represents high contrast, this is because the colors presented are mostly light colors. You can see a variation of lighter colors like orange,beige and yellow which reflects the aspect of high contrast.
The image "Design for a Box in Orange,Black, and Yellow.." by Vlastislav Hofman Cooper-Hewitt is volumetric value because this is image ranges from light to dark colors and is portrayed in a 3D shape like a cube. The colors portrayed are orange,yellow-orange and black. As for the volumetric part of the image, the image itself is portrayed as a cube completing the idea of being volumetric.
The image of "The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence" by Hipolito de Rioja represents chiaroscuro. This is because there is one main focus of light which actually is a spot-on characteristic of chiaroscuro. As well as there is high contrast in the image showing bright warm colors. There is even a dark background area which is an aspect of chiaroscuro.
"Architectural Veduta" by Francesco di Giorgio Martini is Atmospheric Perspective, this is because there is an illusion of space making in seem like there is a further area. There is also a portrayal of a 3D feel.
"Lady in Black with Spanish Scarf" by Robert Henri represents cast shadow and attached shadows, this is because she is surrounded in darkness as if its attached to her and for cast shadow, the image also seems as if she created the shadow so this image can go both ways.
The image "Landscape-Scale 1,500M: by Jang Jun Seok represents balanced value distribution because the image has dark colors to lighter colors and it does not seem overly unequal which is why it is balanced value distribution. This image ranges from mostly lighter shades of purple as for one section of a darker purple. This gives the image a balanced feel.
The image of "Landscape-Scale 1;500M" by Jang,Jun Seok shows a value scale because this image ranges from light to dark shades of pink which shows the specific shades of pink.
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