The Elegance of Venus - Gwendolynn Cain

This gallery is a depiction of the elegance of Venus. Through out  this gallery, go through the various years of Venus.

Venus with the Organ Player depicts Venus laying on a ceremonial couch with her son Cupid, as she is wooed by an organ player. The visual elements that really make the piece are the colors and the asymmetrical balance. The asymmetrical balance of Venus’s body shows that she is in comfort. The deep red and other arrangement of colors shows a relaxed atmosphere.
Venus with a Mirror depicts a very elegant Venus looking at herself in the mirror, as Cupid is reaching to place a crown upon her head. The position of her hand across her chest shows the sensual side of Venus and you can see that she loves the way her reflection shows her. The deep rich colors used in this piece are absolutely amazing.
Mars, Venus, and Cupid depicts Venus giving comfort to her son Cupid as he is startled by a puppy. The startled look on Cupid’s face is a work of art in itself. For the artist to truly capture the essence of the look really shows his artistic creativity. I really don’t understand Mars’s purpose in this piece because the main figure are Venus and Cupid.
Venus and Cupid depicts Cupid holding a mirror as Venus looks into it at her reflection. She has a pinky ring on and a pearl bracelet to show off her elegance. The colors in the painting give it a very warming feel but the only thing about this photo is why it looks as though her elbow is out of place.
Venus and Adonis depicts Venus clinging to her love Adonis as she tries to keep him from going hunting. You can see the love in this painting by the way Venus is laying upon Adonis and embracing him. The rich colors in this piece really brings it to life and actually puts you in a mind frame of this being a real scene.
Worship of Venus depicts a statue of Venus being worshipped to by the people. You can tell by the scene that the artist really wanted to capture the love of Venus by the people. The colors used in this painting makes you feel Venus was truly loved by everyone she had an opportunity to encounter.
The Birth of Venus depicts Venus is just what the title states, the birth of Venus. The artist really used some good colors and made an amazing landscape to help accompany the scene. However, there is a debate about this painting. Some people say that they see the birth of Venus, some say a triumphal parade for Venus, and others say they see the sea god Neptune’s marine procession. Which do you see?
The Feast of Venus depicts four women washing down the statue of Venus as incense fills the air. I love this photo the most out of all of them because even as a statue, you can still see the elegance in the position of Venus. The texture of this painting looks as though it can be rough but smooth at the same time.
Venus and Adonis depicts the love between Venus (the goddess of love) and her lover Adonis. You can tell by the look in Adonis’s eyes that there is a lot of love between the two of them. The colors in this piece really offer a realistic feel. The texture of this piece looks as though it is smoothly painted.
Venus with Cupid depicts Venus holding her son Cupid as she shows him how to hold his bow and arrow. The warmness of the colors makes the scene more life like. The different shades of green and brown make the trees look more real. The elegance of Venus interacting with her son is very comforting.
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