The theme I chose for my gallery is horses. Most of my images were from the 1800s, and all were either paintings or sketches because those were the ones that caught my eyes. They also all use mild colors. The horses, however, are all diverse in what they are doing, what they look like and how they are portrayed. The first image is of four horses grazing in a field. This piece is a painting, and it was painted in 1830 by Francis Calcraft Turner. This piece is realistic, and what drew me to it was the scenery behind the animals. The next piece is a sketch by George Stubbs, and it was painted in 1790. What interested me in this piece was the way you could see all the muscles in the sketch, and the position the horse was in. The third piece is a painting of a horse that painted in 1800 by Jaques-Laurent Agasse. What interested me in this was the shadows and the bored expression on the horse. The final piece is of a bucking horse by Paul Sandby. I chose it because the dark outlines and the round-look made it look like a cartoon.

Credits: All media
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