Japanese Art

Emphasis and focal point

Because much of the space is open in this panel, the eye is drawn to the space which is occupied. In this picture, the dark trunk of the pine tree and the vibrant orange of the maple leaves serve as a decent focal point amid the natural tones of this painting,
When first glancing at this painting of Eve, the beholder's eye is drawn to the lone figure gracing the painting...not necessarily because of the human element inherent within the picture, but also due in part to the complementary colors surrounding her (Blue and orange) amid a sea of green.
The diagonal directional lines of this painting convey a sense of movement and energy, making a sort of windy feeling to the picture, and drawing one's eye to the figures climbing up the hill. 
With the muted tones of this semi-monochromatic illustration, our eye is drawn to Mt. Fuji emerging from beneath the cloud through the implied lines that the clouds create for us.
This painting, so full of lines and organic shapes, immediately turns the viewer's attention towards the lone geometrical shape within the painting, a single dark spherical shape. Despite the earthy tones present, one cannot help but first glance at the one dark spot on the canvas.
This analogous painting has a vibrant life of its own (using cool colors) as the black and white lines and shapes of the young girl's face captures our attention. The emphasis here is clearly on the girl's face, and is most likely the first thing we will see.
The focus in this picture is emphasized in its simplicity. When looking at this Japanese vase, the stark contrast of the deep blue against the white of the ceramic causes the viewer to pause when admiring this piece. The lines are sort of rounded off, which makes us glance to what these lines frame.
This painting is interesting in that the focal point (the two girls) is emphasized by both primary colors, and undertones of secondary colors framing the two women.
This lovely kimono is alive with the warm primary colors of red and yellow. The high saturation and intensity of the two create somewhat of a juxtaposition for the viewer, a contrast which is appealing. Because of the intensity, the focal point is arguably near the bottom, where the space appears somewhat open. It draws the viewer's sight to more of the trunk of the beautiful cherry blossom tree blooming.
This textured painting creates a lovely image by utilizing the sloping lines of the bridge, as well as the lighter color, to draw your eyes to that focal point in the picture.
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