Various artworks showing off the wonderful hues and the power of blue. 

To start off my gallery, I thought about how blue can be used to achieve a somber, intuitive tone.
I picked this painting, trying to stick to the somber, peaceful theme.
I picked this photo, trying to combine blue's somber tones with how it can compliment a background.
I picked this art piece, staying close with enviroments but showing more of blue's calmness.
I picked this artwork showing how blue relates to abstract art
I picked this piece to show how blue can be intense and create the illusion of movement.
The final piece in the abstract blue art, I wanted to show how blue can create noise, but also create thickness and darkness.
I breakaway from abstract, trying to use hard, dynamic lines to show how blue can stand out
I picked this art piece because a majority of the colors are blue like the previous, but the lines are a lighter shade of blue, conveying a deeper feel of kindness with this image.
I picked this art piece, entirely composed of blue aside from the black lines to give the piece a whimsical look.
This piece I chose to show how people in blue can convey different emotions with lighting. The lighter blue on the shirt and in the background make the painting look like it took place in the day.
This piece I chose to show how colors like royal blue live up to their name and represent regality.
I chose this piece, still on the subject of people, to show the blue's represent not only regality but also age, the softer blues giving her figure the shape of an elder.
This piece I chose to show as blue can be used to imply pureness and honesty, the colors stand out against the darker background giving attention to the girl, while also letting her seem good.
For my final piece, I chose how blues can be used to imply different textures and softness.
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