Various Perspective

Exploring perspective through different artists and their own personal approach of it. I did not picked these Artworks for their respective period or type but for the perspective I could see in each one of them. Some very obvious and others, barely seen.

For this one, even though we cannot see it clearly, there is perspective. If you look carefully you can see the underlying lines.
We can see in the composition of this one that the artist was making an attempt to have perspective in his representation.
Even if it was not his primary intention, we still can see some perspective in this Cezanne painting.
There is an attempt in this painting to touch some perspective, even if it is very faint.
In this one too, we don't see a clear indication of perspective, but we can see by how the characters of the composition are disposed that there was still usage of vanishing points.
This contemporain artist painted a very clear perspective of his subject.
I like the colors and how the artist seemed to be comfortable with the environment.
I like how this artist represent his view of perspective within his composition.
Another very clear example of perspective, without the needs of buildings to show where is the vanishing point.
A clear example of usage of buildings and construction to demonstrate the perspective in a painting.
Not a clear representation of perspective, once again. But I like how the composition is leading you to see the depth of the woods.
A good attempt on perspective is seen here again.
Very nice perspective with lots of details.
I like nature paintings with depth and perspective. I find it relaxing to look at.
I picked this one because it looks like something I would draw myself. Same usage of details and same desire to have a good perspective of the scene.
Credits: All media
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