Composition in Art

Brennan Corley 

This image is balanced well. I like the contrast between the warm light and the cool environment. The light balances out the off-center position of the globes.
The two focal points at opposite corners of the canvas balances out the image. The two figures are highlighted while the rest of the image is dark.
I like this image because it also incorporates 1 point perspective. There's a small focal point, the house, which is contrasted by the two large vertical trees on the sides.
This image shows atmospheric perspective, proportion and scale, and contrast. The ares of focus are highlited, such as the city and the people in the foreground.
The positioning of the figures creates a great composition. Instead of a traditional front angle, the artist takes a back angle. It is like the viewer is coming up on the horseman from behind.
The artist creates atmospheric perspective while balancing the image by positioning the trees on either side of the image.
I like how the artist balances the image by adding in the red light to the left side of the piece. Even though most of the light is on the right side, that single red light counters it.
This image directs the eyes from different points in the piece. The main focus is in the foreground, then it moves to the middle ground, and then to the background.
This image is all atmospheric perspective. The building of height as the image goes back into space balances the piece.
The composition of this piece is centered. It also has a circle formation going around the focal point, which helps to create depth within the piece.
This is an abstract piece, but it has great composition. I don't feel as if any color overpowers another. The shapes are also unique, and the shadows and highlights help to create depth.
I like how the focus of the image is clear while the surrounding edge has a blurred effect. Offsetting the figure and the boat creates a better composition rather than putting them in the middle.
The image implies that there is a world beyond this cellar. The trail of the floating shoe stretchers shows where they are coming from, and it also balances out the massive pile on the ground.
I chose this due to that it was discussed in class before. This image is abstract, but it also has a format in which is used in design.
I chose this image due to its color and balance. I like the cool colors and how the objects in the image are placed in a way that balances out the image.
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