Women in time

How women were depicted in various cultures during the 1900s.  

This is "Spring Garden" by Shoen Uemura. What really stood out to me in this painting was the texture and lines. The lines are very thin and very recognizably different compared to other paintings during the 1900s. You would see paintings like this in most Japanese art surrounding the 1900s, however.
This is a sculpture of a woman in the 1920s. "Chillian Woman" is a very interesting to me. The texture and the shape of her hair and face was one of the reasons why I chose this sculpture. The way her face is shaped suggest she is sad, and I guess it's up to the viewer to decide why. Nevertheless, the shape and structure of the woman from Chille is definitely different compared to other women in the 1900s.
This is "Carrie Chapman Catt" by Mary Eliot Foote from Ripon, Wisconsin. This painting was doing during the early to mid 1900s. You can tell that part of what really makes this painting differ from other paintings in other cultures during the 1900s is the subject itself. This woman clearly has a comfortable life.
This was a very interesting sculpture from the 1900s that I especially enjoyed finding. The painting is called "The Cloud" by C. Douglas Richardson. I really loved the shape and form of this one. It's very interesting, and apparently it is based off a poem ("The Cloud"). The entire thing is very symbolic and interesting for the 1900s.
This piece of artwork is titled "Portrait of a Polish Woman." by Amedeo Modigliani. I really loved this piece, as it it quite different from it's style compared to others. Apparently most of Modigliani's art work looked quite similar to this, but I think it still helps to show how woman were depicted in the 1900s.
This piece of art is titled "Two Women", but Utagawa Kunisada, made in the 1900s. I especially love the shape and lines of each of the women's face. You can definitely tell this is a Japanese piece of work. Another thing that shows how different women are depicted are the women's wardrobe. The style of art, clothing, and hairstyles are all obviously different compared to other 1900s work.
This is a painting titled "Perezosa", by Daniel Hernandez Morillo, which was painted in 1906. "Perezosa", or "Idle Woman", has a very different texture and artistic style then the others I have shown so far. This painting depicts the women of the 1900s as beautiful, really. The rosy cheeks and beautiful dress really shows us a different side of these women, unlike the other paintings so far.
"Untitled (Woman and Child)" by Selma Burke, is a sculpture created in 1950. I really like how the woman in this sculpture is depicted compared to the other women in the previous art works shown. The shape and form of this woman holding her child is very interesting. The woman herself is shown as warm, loving, and caring.
This piece of art work is titled "Woman on a Balcony", by Steiner-Prag, Hugo in the early to mid 1900s. This is a really nice piece of art work, though I am unsure as to where it comes from. The woman is surrounded by a lot of different things and also depicted as just a small piece of this artwork, but still in the center and just as important as everything else.
Another woman and child, but this time not a sculpture. This piece is titled "Woman and Child" and was created in the early to mid 1900s by an unknown artist. I really like how the women was depicted in this. We can tell this is a rather different culture than ours seeing as there seems to be no shame in showing parts of the body that would be shamed in other cultures.
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