I liked how the shadows and highlights are rarely blended in , instead they create the effect visibly and sharply.
I liked the high contrast of black and white.
I liked the torn effect done to the image, and its almost collage appearance.
I liked the different clothing and style of the woman put together.
I liked the pose of the figure and its patterned body.
I liked the dark shadows and the way that the figure is very dark yet with lights.
I liked the vibriant colors and the shine of the background.
I liked the focal of the picture and its interesting background.
I like the clean smooth appereance and the cool calm colors used.
I like the way that the background indicates signs of the person in the front.
I like the simple lines and shape and how the face appears.
I like the abstract but almost symmetrical composition.
I liked the simplicity and how white was used in a color background.
I liked the loose lines and ackward pose.
I liked how the background blends in with her body and how the color pattern distinguishes them.
I liked the geometric edges and the ink random lines in the picture.
I liked the dark cool colors and simple style used in the landscape.
I like the grainy texture and the dark unsaturated color of the woman and how oddly sick her eyes look.
I liked the scrath like paint lines and the playful color.
I like the disturbing images made my the simple lines and disfigured bodies.
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