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" I can not teach anybody anything. I can only make them think." - Socrates

Easter Island is a strange mystery. People can not figure out how this small island is the home of nearly 300 giant statues. I want to visit this site because it is amazing to see what ancient people were able to do.
Stonehenge is another site that is a mystery. No one is certain to how the people of this time was able to move such heavy blocks of rock over a long distance of space. I want to visit this site because they say this site was built for recording different things in the stars. And seeing I am interested in the cosmos I would love to come here.
The Great Sphinx is an enormous stone structure that was created out of one single block of stone. I would like to visit the Sphinx because it sits close to the three pyramids of Giza. I am so amazed that these structures were built by people who didn't have the technology we have today. I find it amazing that even with our technology we still have trouble recreating these amazing structures. And we still to this can't figure out how some where even made.
The book of the dead was created for Hunefer around 1310 B.C. In this book there were a lot of spells and secret things only for the reader. I would love to see this book because I am interested in the ancient Egyptian way of life. I want to see why these people really believed in this book and see if I can understand why they believed in reincarnation so much. I am curious in understanding the stories this book has to tell.
It is to be said that the Sumerians are one of the oldest civilization around. These people had a great understand of all ways of life. They had a great understanding of the stars and their alignments. They had great knowledge on farming, pottery, painting and much more. I ask if we had such know legible people, where did that knowledge go.
This painting was created between 1503-1517. This painting it the most talked about, visited, written about, sang about, and the most known. This painting is famous for being stolen out of the museum. I would love to visit this painting and see it for myself because it is full of mysteries. This painting has a bridge and a road that goes no where. The back ground in the painting does not of the landscape in which the painting took place.
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