An element of art- lines 

There are many different types of lines such as, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and curvy. Each line can have different emotions and feelings, and different values and thickness. 

This picture is abstract with many different lines. Some of the lines are curved and diagonal. Some of the lines are far apart and create a light value, and some of the lines are close togetheer and create a dark value
This picture is chaotic, there are lines all over the place. The lines are curved, vertical and diagonal. These are extremely close together to create dark values.
In this picture lines were used to draw a flower. These lines are thin and close together. In the center of the picture the line are close together to create a dark value.
This picture looks abstract and contain geometric shapes and lines. There are many different lines like vertical and diagonal lines.
This picture is chaotic. The lines are curvy. Some lines are thick and some thin. The lines are all of the place.
These lines have different values, some of the lines are very dark while other lines are light. These lines also have texture to them.The shape of the lines are curvy.
These lines are thin and become close together to create a darker value. The lines are also cross hatched. The lines remind me of a spider web.
This picture has horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Horizontal lines give a feeling of calm, vertical lines look strong, and diagonal lines feel unstable. The lines are thin and close together.
These lines are thin and are close together to make darker values. The lines in this picture look like they are creating the silhoutette of a person
This picture is abstract. The lines are dark, some are thick lines with darker values, while some are thin with lighter values.
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