Death:The Awaking

Bringing a broad range of death scenes, from war, love, natural, and even a drunk brawl. Death has many forms and could come into any form. The art gallery will show upon different unique and beautiful styles of death.

The Death Of General Wolfe shows a variety of colors and texture. The colors on the coats are vibrant with a smooth edge texture.There is emphasis with the dying general on the floor.
Gustavo Adolfo Becquer has a lot of texture with smooth and rough edges. There is blood coming outside of his mouth. Giving you the sign he already dead. The emphasis is the dying man on the bed.
Making a deal with death. With the servant girls observing from behind. Lines forming and curving making the characters. The Proportion making it realistic with the texture bring a rough edge.
Death being a self portrait while playing the fiddle in the background. It looks very realistic. Very fine lines smoothing out the texture and color. The art gives a senses of death to the viewer.
Color is very dark and lines are very detail. The emphasis is death holding the tiger with the dying elephant on the ground. The dark colors show a deep emotion to its viewers.
Cato could have dyed during a drunk brawl. With his friends and non friends concerned about him. The art has a lot of dark colors giving a tragedy feeling.
Colors giving you a romantic emotion. Smooth lines and textures. Tristan and Isolt are dead and lying upon the floor with colors being vibrant giving a romantic feel.
Texture is very bold and into depth. With the texture being very edgy and smooth. You could see very good details of each character. Looks like Abel just killed his brother and is now taking off.
Mixture of different things going on in art, but Adonis is dead and you have venus and cupid about to take his body. This art is unique, because the texture is very bold and into depth.
Death has fell in love with a human. The lines are very clean. Bringing the human and death a very detail piece. The shapes are forming and over lapping with color being a value of light and dark.
Credits: All media
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