Abstract-This is a representational art that is done in a specific way.
representational-This artwork represents the crucifixion of Christ.
Afocal-This piece of art makes the viewer focus on the napkin in the back.
Implied texture-This piece of art is three-dimensional on a two-dimensional surface.
Scale-This artwork is the smaller model of the Paris International world fair.
Positive/Negative Space-The solid part is positive space and the holes are negative space.
Chiaroscuro-This art uses the value of changing from light to dark.
Hatching/Cross-hatching-This art shows hatching in the floor which is lighter and cross hatching on the back wall which is darker.
Analogous-This artwork shows these colors in the background and on the man's uniform.
Unity-This piece of art shows the unity of people that believe in Christ.
Illusion of Depth-This artwork shows depth because of the buildings pushed to the back of the picture.
non-representational-This piece of art doesn't seem to represent anything
Radial Balance-In this artwork everything seems to rotate outwards.
Contour lines-In this artwork the lines in the waves make the waves look three-dimensional
Contrast-This artwork shows contrast because of the darkness in the middle showing destruction and the lightness on the outside.
Asymmetrical balance-In this artwork the trees on the left are darker than the trees on the right.
Outline-This piece of art is given a two-dimensional look because of the outline.
Symmetrical balance-This piece of art shows symmetry because both sides line up.
Repetition/rhythm-This piece of art shows a repeating of stars and swirls in the night sky.
Pattern-This piece of art shows a pattern that is unique.
Actual Texture-This piece of art shows actual texture because its a real document.
Geometric-This artwork has shape in a Spherical shape.
Emphasis-This piece of art puts focus on the woman sitting beside the candle light.
Proportion-This piece of art is proportional because every part of it is equal.
Complementary Colors-This piece of art has complementary colors on the clothes the men are wearing.
Implied lines-This piece of art makes the viewer focus on where the woman is looking.
Form-This artwork shows form because it is three-dimensional.
Variety-This artwork shows variety because it has many shapes and colors throughout the art.
Movement/Motion-This piece of art shows that the cyclist are in motion and racing.
Foreshortening-This artwork shows foreshortening because the woman look to be shrunk.
Perceptual Color-This artwork shows the further away rocks as blue.
Monochromatic-This artwork shows Monochromatic value because everything is all one color and shade.
Arbitrary-In this artwork the stone tablets are supposed to be gray but we see them as black.
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